Dr. Theresa MacNeil, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. MacNeil is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Florida Southern College.  She has researched many different topics in Interpersonal Communication, including how people manage conflict in specific contexts such as friendships, families, romantic relationships, and in work environments. She loves learning, researching, and teaching others about communication because it is an area that all types of people can learn and apply to their own lives.

Dr. MacNeil is originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Boston College in 2004 and pursued a career in entertainment public relations before she obtained her M.A. from California State University, Los Angeles, and later her Ph.D., from the University of Connecticut in Communication Studies.

Dr. MacNeil is also a Florida State Certified Mediator in family mediation. She started mediating in 2012 for the Connecticut Human Rights Organization and has received three different certifications in mediation training.  Her experience and expertise has helped many people resolve their differences.

Dr. Pamela Dykes Ph.D., MCM, ACC

Dr. Dykes is an author, speaker, teacher, and coach who specializes in helping business professionals and individuals develop to their full potential.  As a communication expert it is her goal to ensure that the client has everything required to create, manage, and deliver communication efforts successfully.  This involves training and developing individuals to communicate at their highest level, particularly those who are in leadership.  It is imperative that leaders in organizations clearly understand their communication roles and be able articulate their roles in a way that inspires and motivates employees, peers and community contacts.  Her approach to training is about creating communication frameworks that will serve a client well today, while also establishing a foundation for future expansion as needed.

Dr. Dykes has successfully made a a major impact in the lives of hundreds of individuals in organizations through her work in  Management, Training and Development, Consulting, Coaching, and Teaching.  She has worked for companies such as Accenture Consulting, and Allstate Insurance Company. Currently she is an instructor at Florida Southern University.  She has also taught at several universities including Denison, Capital, Ohio University and Ohio State University.  Dr. Dykes earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Communication is a Master Certified Christian Coach.  She is also a member of The International Coach Federation, International Christian Coaching Alliance, and the Tampa Bay Professional Coaches Association.

Pam lives in Tampa Bay with her three amazing children.

Mr. Peter Anderson, M.B.A.

Mr. Anderson is a corporate training professional, currently specializing in the field of medical marketing.  He hires, trains, and develops marketing consultants in the art of peer influence marketing.

 Before entering the medical field, he worked in executive positions for two major non-profit corporations and has consulted for several others. Though his focus is primarily in facilitation, meeting management, and leadership, he also has experience in pricing, operations, logistics, and finance.

 Over the course of twenty-five years, he has facilitated more than 2000 meetings and trainings sessions for groups of up to 500 people.  In addition, he has given formal speeches to groups as large as 3000.

Mr. Anderson received his his B.A. from Florida State University in 1989 and his MBA in Organizational Development in 2002 from The University of California, Davis.

Dr. Jobia Keys, B.S, M.A, Ph.D

Dr. Keys is an author, educator and communication expert who specializes in helping business professionals and organizations embrace diversity and inclusion. She is passionate about cultivating the inclusion, representation, and advancement of diverse individuals in the workplace, and supports inclusion initiatives from evaluations to recommendations to implementation. Dr. Keys is a Visiting Assistant Professor Communication at Florida Southern. Her research interests include, but are not limited to: intercultural communication, gender, race and class representation and challenges in the workplace and diversity and inclusion initiatives in education.She has presented her work at colleges and universities, special events, and national and international academic conferences.

Dr. Keys is also a children’s media expert, and is passionate about topics such as gender, race and class representation in children’s media, teaching media literacy to children and parents, discussing death with children, and raising centered, empowered children in an increasingly digital world.

She is a proud wife and mother of two children.She earned her B.S. in Communication from the University of Miami with specialties in Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing, her M.A. from the University of Central Florida in Mass Communication, and her Ph.D. in Communication and graduate degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Georgia State University.